Tom Ove Grølund (1959) — CEO

Tom Ove Grønlund has more than 25 years of industrial experience working with particle technology and holds a BSc in chemistry.

E: tom.ove (at)
T: +47 913 14 528

Tore Helland (1982) — CTO

Mr Helland holds a MSc from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with specialization in Material Science & Technology. His MSc thesis investigated mechanical properties of metal coated mono-sized polymer spheres used in Mosaic adhesives. He has background as project leader at Umoe Mandal AS, where he worked with prototyping and design of advanced carbon composite components. Helland is responsible for all R&D projects and production.

E: th (at)
T: +47 950 63 910

Erik Kalland (1943) — Epoxy systems

Mr Kalland holds a BSc in Engineering. Mr Kalland has more than 40 years of experience with epoxy systems. He has guided numerous companies in Norway with selection of epoxy systems for their products. His responsibilities in Mosaic are sourcing, formulation and testing of systems for demanding applications.

E: ek (at)
T: +47 413 22 550

Shiwani Jain (1979) — PhD Student

Mrs Jain holds a MSc & M.Phil in Physics. She is currently writing her PhD thesis at Loughborough University under a Mosaic sponsorship. The thesis investigates electrical properties of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives (ICA) filled with metal coated polymer spheres.

E: s.jain (at)
T: +44 7738 528643

Helge Kristiansen (1961) — Applications

Dr Helge Kristiansen holds a Msc in Physics and and PhD in electronic packaging. He has worked as a scientist within this field for more than 20 years, among others for research institute SINTEF. Projects have involved electrical interconnects, cooling and instrumentation. Dr Kristiansen has published more than 100 articles on electronics packaging, and has a wide network within the industry. He was the co-founder of Conpart AS and is responsible for advising new applications where spheres are used.

E: hk (at)
T: +47 930 36 073

Susanne Helland (1987) — Project Manager

Mrs Helland has a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her MSc thesis focused on electrical characterisation of passivation layers in silicon based solar cells. She has a background as consultant for Capgemini, working with IT system development. Susanne is currently Project Manager for the ongoing R&D project on conductive adhesive for solar modules, partly funded by The Research Council of Norway.

E: sh (at)
T: +47 986 28 188

Together with our partners we form a team with strong business and technical development experience. The development team has competence in relevant fields such as particle technology, epoxy materials, interconnect and photovoltaics.